Arnold Heim (1882–1965, geologist)
Extensive research trips to all parts of the world
Photographical Institute
Photography technology, ETH Zurich, history of photography
Industrial Culture Foundation
Bilderwelten No. 8 "Eisenbahnbilder – Eisenbahnbild" is now available in bookshops
Swissair Archive
The photo archive of the former airline Swissair
Walter Mittelholzer (1894–1937, photographer)
Domestic and international flights, aviation pioneer and co-founder of Swissair
Photo Swissair AG/Luftbild Schweiz
Luftbilder der ganzen Schweiz, 1939–2011
Air Color
Oblique aerial photos all over Switzerland, 1985–2013 (selection)
Comet Photo AG, Archive of the aerial photographies
Oblique aerial photographs of Switzerland, 1957–1999 (digitalisation ongoing)
Comet Photo AG, Archive of the photographic agency
Reports on architecture, culture, politics, sport, technology and transport
Artificial intelligence
Automatically generated keywords/autotags using AI software Clarifai, metadata translated with DeepL
Pictorial Worlds
Photo book series of the ETH Library's Image Archive
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Comment on or georeference images (crowdsourcing)
New images
We constantly put new images online
NEW: Gerhard Schmitt (1953–, architect)
Photographs on information architecture, computer simulations, and CAAD
NEW: Professorship of Glaciology, VAW/ETH Zürich
Swiss glacier research
NEU: No. 8 Railway pictures - Railway picture by Thomas Eichenberger (only in German)
Swiss railways in the photographic archives of Hans-Peter Bärtschi and the Industrial Culture Foundation